Drive repairs

Drive repairs, including block (mono-block) paving

Does your mono-block look something like this?


Did you know that block paving drive repairs are usually quite simple and easily dealt with?

Drive repair

It’s a fact that poorly maintained mono-block can and does, move, sink and lift over time, and especially on area’s with heavy traffic or where cars park.

Block paving drive repairs are sometimes required due to poor maintenance, maybe not being cleaned properly or regularly enough, or possibly not re-sanded after cleaning, all of which allows water ingress and weeds to take hold, then rain, frost and vehicles can all cause movement to occur, the end result being that your expensive driveway looks like a disaster!

Or maybe it just wasn’t laid properly in the first place, poor compaction of the sub-base, a lack of proper quantities of type of sub-base, poor edge retention, poor or no concrete haunching, sunken area’s around drains and manholes etc, all these are likely causes of drive problems, but all can usually be fixed without digging it all up and starting again!

What do block paving drive repairs cost?

While it’s difficult to say exactly what any particular drive repair will cost, a small repair for a sunken area of block, covering a few square meters in the middle of a drive, could be around £75 to fix.

Area’s around drains and gully’s tend to be slightly more complicated and time consuming to repair, but even so, an area of block of approximately 1 square meter surrounding a drain or manhole, could be as little as £50 to repair.

So if you have any of these issues and need some drive repairs just call and ask for a quote, or even send a picture of the problem and we’ll give you a straight forward no hassle quote for any repair work required.