/ Why can’t I just use my K*rcher to clean the drive?

Of course you can, no problem.

What size drive do you have though, 30m2, 50m2…100m2?

With a small DIY type pressure washer it would take you the best part of a day to clean 30-40 meters of mono block driveway, and I’m not talking about just blasting the surface, but a proper deep into the joints clean, removing all the old dirty sand, weeds and whatever else has taken up residence in there

Now that’s hard work, and the truth is that most people get fed up after the first ten meters or so, and the rest of the drive gets less and less of the proper cleaning that it needs.

And then you need to re-sand it all, which if you haven’t cleaned it properly may not take very long, or not at all in some cases!

But what you then have is a knock on effect, and a driveway that a year later is ten times worse and even harder to clean properly.

So while you can clean your driveway yourself with that little diy pressure washer, the question is, do you really want to?

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