Decking cleaning

Wooden decking when left to it’s own devices, can quickly become discoloured from algae growth and tramped in dirt and grime, making decking cleaning a top priority

dirty deck
Moss and dirt covered decking

Moss and Algae are quick to settle in as well, and deck oil or stains, if not reapplied regularly, quickly fade and leave the wood unprotected and left in this state for too long can mean that replacement is the only solution!

Clean decking

But it’s amazing how well even the worst deck can respond to a proper decking clean and preservative treatment, and a deck that you thought was beyond all recovery can usually be returned to as new condition.

Decking cleaning underway
Decking cleaning underway

And once re-coated with preservative (oil or stain) will enhance it’s looks and extend it’s life for many years, and nearly indefinitely if done regularly.

Decking cleaned oiled
Decking cleaned and oiled



So don’t be stuck with a decking disaster, get it professionally cleaned and treated and start enjoying it again.

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