Roof coatings

There has been a lot of bad press about roof coatings, not all of it true!

Roof coating
Freshly cleaned and coated

The good:

The reality is that a quality product, properly applied, to a professionally cleaned roof, is guaranteed to last at least ten years from application i.e. not to peel, flake, chip or crack.

The bad:

There are lots of “companies” out there who will over charge for doing a poor job, with cheap products and should you have a problem, will disappear and never be seen again!

Those who say that roof coatings are pointless you will generally discover are roofers, who will either tell you to replace your whole roof (surprised?), or to leave it as is until it wears out and needs replaced anyway!

But wouldn’t you rather have a cost effective coating wear out rather than your roof tile?

 We use Smartseal roof coating products extensively, as they provide a quality product that comes with a ten year guarantee.

It is used all across the UK with great success, and as they have been around for a while, you have no concerns about being left with a poor product and a disappearing company that provided it!

A smartseal roof coating will only be applied after:

  • A proper and professional high pressure rotary roof clean
  • A full biocide/fungicide treatment
  • Then after waiting several weeks to allow the biocide to have full effect, two full coats will be applied, to give you the best protection and results possible.

Smartseal have this to say about their coatings

Smartseal Climashield™ roof coating are currently available in slate grey, terracotta, deep tan, rustic red and slate green. Application will aesthetically transform the roof, leave it water resistent and protected from the harmful effects of UV light.
Once Climashield™ roof coatings have been applied, the roof will be left looking beautiful and benefit from many years of protection against the weather. Other benefits include excellent resistance to future moss and algae growth.
Smartseal roof coatings are water vapour permeable allowing the roof to ‘breathe’. This importantly enables the roof tiles to expel moisture from the inside out.
If any roof coating or roof sealer is applied that does not enable this to occur, harmful fungal infections and mold growth can become widespread.
Smartseal roof coatings are coloured with the highest quality pigments available, the benefits of this include greater resistance to colour deterioration from UV light and excellent adhesion between roof coating and tile.
All our roof coatings allow ‘flexing’ and movement within the roof tile. technically is highly important because as exposure to heat and cold will cause roof tiles to expand and contract.
Smartseal roof coatings are 100% acrylic, they are also mixed with additional binders allowing ‘flexing’ of the roof tiles to be possible.

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