/ Why should I demand the use of a rotary type roof cleaner?

Our rotary surface cleaner effectively deals with the problems associated with traditional hand lance tiles cleaning activities

Men tramping all over the (often delicate) roof tiles is not ideal and will cause breakages and often unseen damage to the roof tiles and structure
Surface damage caused by the high pressure lance being used at too steep an angle
Extreme quantities of moss debris blown all over the immediate surroundings (to a distance of 20-40 metres, depending on roof height and wind)
Poor and inconsistent cleaning of the tiles due to the exhausting nature of controlling a lance while standing on steep, slippery roof tiles
Slip and fall danger to the operators cleaning the roof.

Our rotary cleaner is safely operated from the roof ridge, has precisely controlled water jets on a spinning head which reduces the impact of the water jet without losing the cleaning efficiency.
Every tile receives the exact same cleaning process, there is little to no debris blasted off the roof, and the operator has a much easier and safer job.

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